How can Daneshvar Law help me with my auto accident?

1. We can help get your car fixed and get you a rental car!

If you are injured, we will fight to get the car insurance company to quickly fix your car after a California auto accident and also get you a rental car.  We know which insurance company should pay for the damage and just how much they should be paying. Therefore, we warn everyone that they should under no circumstances talk to the other side and should leave the talking and negotiating to an attorney!


2. We can help you find medical care and help get your medical bills paid!

We have settled many cases with car insurance companies where they paid for some, or all, of our clients’ medical bills. We do our best to help you find and receive proper medical care, and do our best to keep you from having to pay any upfront medical bills during this difficult time.


3. We will fight to get you both your loss of wages and earnings when applicable!

We have the proper forms and understand how to document your lost wages claim after a California car crash.   We will immediately send your lost wage documentation to the proper car insurance companies. In some cases, you may also suffer a loss of future earnings as a result of your injuries. In that case, we will hire experienced experts to prove your loss.


4. We will do our best to get you your maximum recovery for pain and suffering!

We know you wouldn't come to us unless someone had caused you great pain and emotional suffering. We also know that there's no reason for you to have to pay for that other someone's negligence. Of course, there are many component's to your recovery for pain and suffering. For instance, how badly were you injured, what kind of injuries did you sustain, the kinds of vehicles involved, and medical records.

5. We will obtain the necessary documents for your case!

 If you are injured in a California car accident, the police officer will not always give you a traffic accident report at the scene.  Sometimes the officer will give you a card with a report number on it, or he or she may give you a Driver Exchange of Information.  As your lawyer, we will obtain the traffic accident report report because it may contain more information about the accident.

We will then review the accident report to see if there are any details on it that can increase the value of your personal injury case.  We will immediately send a copy of any and accident reports to the proper insurance companies so that they can begin negotiating with us.

6. We will get witness statements and affidavits.

Witness statements and affidavits can be extremely helpful in your case. We will not only do our best to locate witnesses who can help your case, but we will also try and get statements as soon as possible when their memory is still fresh.


7. Other services we provide include, but are not limited to the following:

·       Speaking with the car insurance companies for you.

·       Setting up a claim with the insurance companies that are responsible.

·       Requesting and sending all of your medical bills and records to the auto insurance companies including     your uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance company.

·       Requesting and preserving any OnStar crash reports.

·       Gathering witness statement or affidavits.

·       Requesting the other driver to preserve important information.

·       Taking pictures of the accident scene and damage to you and the car that you were in.

·       Hiring any necessary experts.

·       Negotiating your medical bills and health insurance lien(s). We may be able to negotiate your bills to save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

·       Reviewing all your medical records.