Are creditors harassing you? Fearing foreclosure on your California home? Looking on helplessly as your car is repossessed and your hard-earned wages are garnished? None of this has to happen. Federal bankruptcy laws such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 were enacted to protect you while you recover financially. At Daneshvar Law, our attorneys use those laws to your lasting benefit. We stop foreclosure and repossession, rescue you from harassing creditors, keep you in your car and home, and shelter your wages from garnishment. 

"I used Hasti's services to help me get through a very hard bankruptcy. She made the process easy and everything was completed without any problems and I was able to save my house. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs good attorney advice." - Laura "Penny" Forrest, a Chapter 7 client

How do we do all that? Daneshvar Law provides skilled and knowledgeable service to its bankruptcy clients. We may be able to help you too, but you must contact us right away. Call (310) 474-5802. Or you can e-mail or fax us to arrange a consultation with Hasti Daneshvar. We help individuals and small businesses in California in filings for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code. You can trust Daneshvar Law to offer the latest in bankruptcy legal advice for practice areas such as:

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 13
  • Creditor Harassment
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Foreclosures and Repossessions
  • Keeping Your Property
    -Benefits of Bankruptcy
    -Medical Bills
    -Taxes, Child Support and Student Loans

Worrying about these matters never solved a thing. You have to take action. Don't allow authorities and creditors to think they can take away your prized possessions, bank accounts and personal dignity. Gain their respect by fighting back, with us fighting right alongside you. Contact Hasti Daneshvar, Attorney at Law. Call us today at (310) 474-5802.