Home, office and retail construction in Southern California continues apace. We have acquired an in-depth appreciation of the issues which typically arise in construction-related disputes and the facts and law material to their resolution from our years of experience representing residential and commercial owners, developers and contractors.

"Our company has worked with Hasti on several occasions now. I have found her to be very knowledgeable, responsive and very trustworthy. I especially liked that she had worked in construction before becoming an attorney and so she understood our business and needs. She kept us informed of all timelines needing to be monitored and would follow up with a confirmation just prior to any date we needed to comply with. Her rates can't be beat for such a great attorney. I would and have recommend her to anyone I know.” –Megan K.

Construction Site Accidents:

Construction is the United States' largest industry, and unfortunately, construction site accidents kill and injure thousands of workers each year. Despite legal and trade provisions in place to prevent construction accidents, one out of every ten construction workers suffer some kind of on the job injury, including: 

• Falls
• Scaffolding, Crane, Derrick, Conveyor, Ladder, Winch, Grater, Scraper, Backhoe, and Boiler Accidents
• Electric Shock
• Trench Collapse
• Fire and Explosion
• Highway Vehicle Accidents
• Compressed Gases Accidents
• Welding Accidents

Although most injured workers will be entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits, these benefits will not cover all of the expenses faced by an injured worker and generally do not cover pain and suffering and the full range of damages available to the loved ones of a worker who is killed in an accident.

When a construction site accident occurs, responsibility for the personal injury can be attributed to a variety of individuals or businesses, including the owners, contractors and subcontractors, engineers, electricians, scaffolding companies, architects, insurance companies and manufacturers of equipment. For example, the general contractor and subcontractors must provide a reasonably safe work environment and manufacturers of construction equipment are responsible for designing and maintaining safe products. In complex cases, in addition to negligence and workers' compensation, the legal principles of agency and corporate law may be necessary in determining liability.

Knowledge of federal and state regulations governing construction sites is imperative when developing theories against all of the third parties who may be responsible for a construction site accident. Any attorney you choose should be experienced in the inspection of worksites, preservation of evidence and identification and questioning of critical witnesses.

Mechanics Lien/Stop Notice:

Establishing a mechanics lien or stop notice against a customer's property for non-payment or other dispute can be an effective method of enforcing contractual rights on a public or private project. Most contractors do not clearly understand the hoops they must jump through to perfect the lien. From the 20-day preliminary notice to a property owner, lender and another contractor, to filing a post-lien lawsuit in order to keep the lien valid, Daneshvar Law guides contractors and design professionals through the maze of requirements. Our mission is to help you ensure a materialman's lien does the job it was intended to: help you get paid on a project. If you need assistance starting or maintaining a mechanics lien, contact us today. Our experienced contraction law attorneys can make a difference in the outcome of your dispute.

Contractors and Mechanic Liens/Stop Notices:

While a primary and effective tool for enforcing payment, a mechanics lien can be removed if the complex rules and timelines are not followed carefully. We can help ensure the mechanics lien process on a private or public project is done correctly to prevent its removal. Even if you are a subcontractor, we will help you properly record and maintain the lien's validity. In breach of contract and other contractor construction litigation matters, non-compliance with lien recording is not the only option for recovering what is owed to you. We can explore other alternatives to help you get paid.

Mechanics Liens/Stop Notice and Design Professionals:

Whether a design has been implemented or not we can assist architects and design engineers in recording liens on a project. When properly executed, a design professional's lien can effectively prevent projects from moving forward until reasonable payment has been arranged or received.